About Us

We are a european based commodities broker specialising within the trade of high value goods including electrical components and precious metals but to name a few.

Although we are a newly formed company our staff have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry spanning over the last fifteen years, which allows us to have a unique trading facility utilising current market information.

We at Istech Ltd pride ourselves in being able to offer you a secure and professional trading platform to enable you to conduct your daily business with ease.

With our vast catalogue of global suppliers we are able to locate and supply you with any and all form of commodities or products you so require.As well as supplying, our professional and experienced sales team are privileged to have an extensive global clientele database.

Should you have a particular product for sale we would be able to easily facilitate your trade.

We here at Istech Ltd look forward to engaging in a long and prosperous relationship with yourselves. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact any member of our sales team or either one of our directors who are always at hand and play an integral part on a daily basis.